Friday, May 25, 2012

HOA Syndrome

Ten years I suffered from HOA Syndrome. My self-respect, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance was tested. Not with each notice I received, but by also from witnessing the faces of families, my neighbors, as they suffered silently too. I witnessed neighbors taking care of their front lawns out of fear, not out of pride in living there. I heard reports of Vietnamese families being bullied out of all the equity in their home in HOA liens, fees, and legal costs over trivial matters. I was discriminated against using the by-laws against me. I was discriminated against based on my gender identity. My son, whom is co-owner of our properties was discriminated against based on him being a homosexual. We all have a right to live anywhere. We are legal citizens in our country. Our country is based on freedoms, except in an HOA. I noticed no one played on our block. No one talked to one another. It was the most dysfunctional system I have ever experienced in my lifetime. The stress I felt in having to have a perfect home made me emotionally and physically sick. Living happily was my goal and my objective when I contracted to have a home there, never to be abused by the by-laws and HOA system. I was not happy in my expensive home. In fact, I'd venture to guess, no one in my neighborhood was happy, except those in charge of our HOA. Getting back my own power was my long-term objective. Being happy and healthy is my objective now. Sadly, HOA's in most covenant controlled communities have quite the power -- a quasi-government that has more power and control than our own Constitutional Rights! The only options I felt to live a happy and healthy life was to leave, so I did. I realize many of you are stuck, you feel you have no where else to go. Be strong, look up your legal rights, and fight for them; no matter how small or trivial. Do not allow the HOA bullies to take away your power using by-laws as the vehicle to control or abuse you. Speak up and fight back. HOA's should be outlawed. Law makers, States, and the Federal government that continue to allow this abuse should be responsible for these abuses. HOA's are criminal! Extortion is criminal.The issue here isn't the "notice" or just the "fine." The issue is the abuse of power and non-judicial foreclosures. That is extortion, which is criminal. I will not rest until I see all HOA criminals in jail for white collar crime. After all, our HOA is a "Limited Liability Corporation."

“History bequeaths a demonstrative message: Some who gain a position of power will inevitably strike down the rights of others, animals and humans, in the name of greed, grandiosity, and evil sadistic gratification.  Brief time passes, societies crumble under the weight of rise to power, and without learning prior lessons, the disgorging cycle once again begins.”
Professor Gary Solomon

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Anshel Bomberger

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  1. Please help us STOP the abuse from this HOA! Sue is a passive aggressive she-DEVIL ... that is putting it nicely! She thinks that we live in a communist run community and that we have no freedoms... KARMA baby KARMA!!