Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 I sent the following to a NPR reporter, Megan Verlee. Reporting publicly on anyone's abuse of another is what I am all about these days. I refuse to hide about any abuse I have experienced. If the courts can't make people accountable for their abuses, the media is the next source.


I heard through the grapevine that you are interested in interviewing people in the Denver area regarding HOA Abuses. I am a Female to Male Jewish transsexual that was harassed and coerced out of my home in Aurora Colorado. The HOA President is using the HOA bylaws to discriminate against protected classes (i.e., my transgender status is protected, so is my religious class). She is also targeting a Vietnamese family and Hispanic family. I am the only one that has come forward and reported any of this to the State of Colorado, Department of Regulatory Agencies, Civil Rights Division. In order for the State of Colorado to investigate the alleged race discrimination going on, the Vietnamese and Hispanic families have to file a report on their own. The Hispanic family is overwhelmed. The Vietnamese family is scared of further retaliation, as the HOA has eaten up most (if not all) the equity in their home. They came here seeking freedom and now they are being abused. I moved to get out of it. I lost $87,000 worth of equity, but I am now free. I went form a large lovely home in the suburbs (Aurora), to a small cabin in Georgetown, CO. The freedom I have after ten years of living in a nightmare is priceless. Please go to my blog and read what I have there: I'd love to come down the mountain, meet you in Golden, CO and do an interview.


I'm a reporter working on a story for a national radio show about HOA fees: how people decide the costs are worth the benefits and what happens when they don't think they're getting their money's worth. I'm trying to find someone with a real life experience of who can open the piece -- someone who maybe feels their HOA is wasting money on excessive snowplowing (Stan's example) or isn't spending enough to maintain the grounds or something like that. It doesn't have to be a big problem; smaller concerns also illustrate the situation well. The main thing is, I need to be able to interview this person in person, for audio quality reasons, so I'm looking for someone in the Denver metro area.

Thanks so much, Megan

Megan Verlee
Reporter, Colorado Public Radio
desk: 303.871.9191 ex 474
mobile: 303.524.5866

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